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Colquitz Creek Before

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Soil bioengineering is the use of living plant materials to perform an engineering function. Soil bioengineering systems can be used to stabilize steep, unstable slopes, providing a cover of vegetation that initiates the successional processes that will maintain a vegetation cover on the slope forever. The pioneering species (willows, cottonwood and red-osier dogwood) that are used to treat the problem site provide conditions that foster the establishment of other species, including conifers that will ensure a healthy vegetation cover on the slope. Soil bioengineering systems are installed mostly by hand and can be used in locations where machine access is difficult.

UBC Cliffs Before

UBC Cliffs After

Polster Environmental Services Ltd. is a small consulting firm specializing in the restoration of drastically disturbed sites, vegetation studies, invasive species management, Garry Oak ecosystems and providing courses in reclamation. We have been in operation since 1985 and have been involved in a wide variety of projects ranging from CP Rail’s half a billion dollar tunnelling project through Glacier National Park, the successful re-vegetation of a portion of the UBC Point Grey cliffs, reclamation plans for numerous mines, quarries and gravel pits in Canada and assisted many non-profit groups in rehabilitation of streamsides. We have developed a wide variety of reclamation techniques for steep/unstable slopes, as well as techniques for the re-establishment of riparian and aquatic habitats. We provide courses including practical applications of the techniques we have developed. We provide individual service to clients solving challenging problems with solutions that build ecological resilience in our world.

Rogers Pass Before

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